Barbara is a sought after key note speaker for hospice/palliative care conferences.  She has also spoken at public events and presented workshops for palliative team members including social workers, doctors and nursing staff within the health authority. 

Death is one of the most feared topics and is often enveloped in high emotion.  Barbara frames her talks with key educational information and uses story to speak to the heart and humanity of those in the audience.  She takes participants into the exploration of this life transition gently and safely.  Not only to lessen the fear but to give tools as to better handle the emotion at hand.

She is available for half or full day workshop presentations, conference venues and talks.  A sampling of some of the themes she covers can be seen below along with testimonials from workshop participants.

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Highlights of Past Events

Wed, Aug 14
Demystifying the End of Life Journey
A Six Week On-Line Course Exploring End of Life topics including how to companion the dying, provide support to caregivers, the role of a good team, basic tenants of grief, and an exploration of the mystery of death.
Mon, Feb 12
Valley View Funeral Home
Honoring the Mystery at the End of Life
This talk explores the mystery of death and the changing awareness of the dying. Visual, kinaesthetic, auditory experiences, changing language and dreams of the dying and bereaved will be discussed.
Wed, Jan 24
Valley View Funeral Home
Can You Feel the Pain in My Heart Too?
Caregivers to the dying are often misunderstood. This talk explores the needs of those in this very demanding role along with better ways to offer support.


“The workshop that Barbara gave is inspirational.  She can talk to you at a such a profound level.  I could not keep my eyes off of her and what she was saying – It was such a wonderful learning curve.  Would recommend her workshop to everyone who works with people who are affected by grief, suffering and loss.”  Hanneke E.


“Barbara shared in a beautiful way her experiences about working with the many people approaching end of life and crossing the threshold.  She focuses and listens to the person she is with, with openness and a peaceful heart, totally attentive to what they want to share with her.  She teaches deepening understanding and caring through her many wonderful stories.  Thank you very much, Barbara.”  Anonymous


“Barbara Morningstar teaches with love and compassion.  Her insights and sharing of stories touched me so profoundly, opened my mind and heart to greater possibilities for both my professional and personal lives.  Thank you."  Karen B.


“Barbara’s workshop has helped me to better understand the grieving process and how to become a better help for those dealing with loss.  She gives you up to date professional information speaking to your mind but also your heart.  Her message will stay with you.”  Sylvia B.


“Barb was very authentic in sharing not only her own personal experience with death’s journey but in sharing her 20 plus years of hospice and palliative care in hospitals and care centres.  She has a deep, kind understanding of the different aspects of not only the patient’s experience but also of friends and family of the patient.  Thank you for your insights and sharing to help those of us that care for others so that we can be more educated and powerful.”  Carrie L.

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