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A gentle welcome to In Autumn's Cocoon. I sense that if you have found your way to this web site you are facing a very tender life transition.  You may be companioning someone at the end of their life, facing your own death or grieving the loss of a loved one.  You may also be searching for information to help someone you know better understand this immense time of change.

Autumn maple leaf on log

In Autumn’s Cocoon was created to offer end of life education to professionals and the public.  We are often taught the mechanics of death, dying and grief, but not how to prepare for the impact on our hearts and humanity.  Emotions can run high.  My presentations help soften the fear, provide important information and support an opening to the gifts at play during this tender life transition.  I offer workshops, talks, and writings on the subject from years of professional and personal experience in the hospice field. 

Autumn cup of tea and scarf

Autumn images remind us of a time of introspection; cozy blankets, warm fires and nurturing cups of tea when the cool air and prospect of winter moves in. 

It is a time that evokes protection and safety, heartfelt reflection and sharing with those most dear to us.  It is a season often stunning in its array of colour as the leaves change and prepare to die.

When people near death and their final breath, they often physically and emotionally “cocoon in”.  It is similar to what a new born infant looks like upon birth.   When people grieve they too often “cocoon in” to be in the quiet of their own hearts as they heal and re-discover themselves without their loved one near. Please follow the links below to explore ways to become more informed during this tender time of introspection and change.

Barbara Morningstar

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